TestJockey is live

TJ went live!

We are really excited to announce that the early beta of TestJockey is live and we would love for you to be one of the first to try it.

So what’s TestJockey?

TestJockey is the one-stop shop for beta testing mobile apps. We offer app distribution, user paths, crash reports and many more features on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
Our solution is free so you can give it a try with an app you are working on without any hassle. Plus, you can check out all the advanced features of TestJockey with SuperJockey – a game we made just for you.

Register now!

We have just started so you might experience some minor glitches and hiccups.

In the coming weeks we will show you around TJ’s cutting edge features and benefits to help you get started. We’ll keep you posted

Your feedback is welcomed and much needed for making TestJockey the new home for your beta apps. Reach us any time at hello@testjockey.com.

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